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Baofeng Modern International Holdings Co Ltd (Stock Code: 1121) was successfully listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong on 28 January 2011. It is the leading brand owner and supplier of slippers, flip-flops, sandals and casual footwear. According to the industry survey of Frost & Sullivan, the Group was “The largest slippers exporter in the PRC in 2011” and “The No.1 local own-branded fashionable slippers supplier in the PRC in 2011” (including MNC slipper suppliers).

In 2005, the only one state-level research center of slippers is established in China and Baofeng Modern is authorized to carry out this project. Three years later, Boafeng Modern are allowed to build standards in slippers’ industry such as EVA quality, operation instruction, and this standard are published in September of the same year by NDRC. Meanwhile, the Group was renowned QUALITY AWARD OF LISENCED PRODUCT at the Expo and became an appointed supplier by The United Nations.Within these years, Baofeng Modern are making a sincere effort to wins the global market.

Why Baofeng Modern can successfully take a deep root in the market at home and broad and have strong cooperative relationships with known multinational brands such as Guess, Tommy Hilfiger for quite a long time. Maybe these two points can give your some ideas. One is Baofeng Modern’s business philosophy: “Enjoyable Life, Joyful Work”; another is Corporate Culture: Integrity & Sincerity. These two are not only an empower personal Values for Baofeng Group, but also an essential concept for a listed company.

In China, Baofeng Modern has two branches: Boree and Baofeng. It is widely setting up the net-work step by step based on this kind of multi-brands marketing channel and specializing in high level market. It gives priority to converse& flip-flops & sandals in spring and summer; slippers with cotton wool& snow boots& elevator converse in autumn and winter to enrich the product diversity. With the deeper of the brand promotion for Boree and Bafoeng, a new revolution of traditional slipper industry in China is carrying out.

What’s more, in 2015, Baofeng Modern plans to systematize the products and introduces 020 models with proprietary intellectual property rights, depending on Boree’s physical stores. As scheduled, Baofeng Modern will establish over 10000 stores with 020 fixed terminals, so it can bring best service, high quality and attractive fashion to the customer. Roughly when every ten people walking in the street, there will be one of them wearing Baofeng-slippers now.

Baofeng Modern will be an indispensable daily necessity for you and your family, not matter at home or go travelling.

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