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Baofeng Modern has established for more than a decade. Through time, we witness the development of the company. Through time, we see growth and success, and innovation will continue to be our motto for future development. Through our sincere corporate spirit, Baofeng Modern has gained friendships and vast networks in the industry over the years.

Not only are we a fashionable slippers/ flip-flops and casual footwear producer, but we are also a brand owner who introduces a whole new culture to the China slippers world. By our innovative and stylish designs, we are creating a new life style experience to consumers.

As rapid economic development internationalized the landscape of footwear market in China, our goal is to bring in cosmopolitan and fashionable style into the domestic market. And while we are strengthening our leading position in China, we are also globalizing ourselves by expanding into the overseas market.

Baofeng Modern will adhere to the core business philosophies of “Doing business with integrity”, “Forwarding step by step”, “Maintaining professionalism” and “Excelling in innovation”. We will continue our expertise in the casual footwear field, and bring the best experience to our customers.



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